Sunday, May 20, 2012


I liked trying out VoiceThread.  It was amazingly easy to use and seems like it has good possibilities for classroom use, particulary if you taught an art class or were trying to bring art in to any class.  I could imagine using it in Children's Lit too: if we were studying the art of illustration in a unit we could use it as a way for students to comment on the work of a famous illustrator.  I like how it offers you several options for responding and provides another way for all students to have a chance to share their thoughts without the pressure of needing to speak in front of the class on the spot. I wonder if you could do the same thing with text - for example, could you post a poem as the image and use VoiceThread to create a conversation about the poem?

Beyond the school use, I could imagine using VoiceThread in the blog my husband maintains for his family in the Netherlands. It could be fun to post a picture sometimes and add our comments (and our children's comments) around it. I will have to explore the possibilties further!

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